mandag 29. november 2010

Isnt this the perfect winter shoes

Jimmy Choo


Giuseppe Zanotti

Christian Louboutin

Maybe the Gucci boot is the best for the Norwegian Winter these days at least... but the are all so my style:)

tirsdag 23. november 2010

This is what I want for Xmas

The grey union jack wool sweather from D&G

isnt it lovely! i love it!!

Ski equipment

I almost took up skiing again after I took at look at this ski glasses from Dolce&Gabbana

More Milan stuff for the wonderful son

above you will find the pants from Dolce&Gabbana Jr in Milan and the Sweathers from Armani(Peter Pan, COmo)
we were looking for wool sweathers for my son but everyone told us that this year the designers are not making sweathers in wool because of allergy, so we had to buy in cotton and cotton is not the best for cold norwegian winters, but since we bought the winterjacket we should be covered anyway:)

Naturino shoes from Peter Pan, COmo

Chicco, Chicco village Como/Grandate

My son loves Chicco village! i think its great because we can buy good clothes for good money, and my son loves it for the indoor playground on the 1st floor. He loves taking the electric train and driving with his dad on the formula 1 car. He dad, what do you think? was the car not made for the both of you?! hehe

tirsdag 16. november 2010

New Winter jackets for Jr and his mum

Al Dolce & Gabbana

from Milano

Jr also got a new hat