torsdag 27. oktober 2011

Alpaca society

I have discovered the norwegian brand Alpaca Society lately. The sells the most fantastic knitwear. I have bought a cardigan and pants for my baby girl. They also have this wonderful coat but... The fabrics so soft

And now thet have so much nice on sale!!

mandag 17. oktober 2011

We love gifts

Got so many nice gifts for my baby girl:) burberry, fendi and il gufo- do i need to say more?! Thanks Lill, mother-in-law and nabour of mother- in- law!!

My hubbie is afraid that I will go crazy again with shopping for the little princess like I did with Christian. And yes, i have!! And I love it;):D its so many things she needs. Another season, new colors:) and Christian needs a new winter warderobe!

Incredible thats Singapore is soo expensive, even much more than Norway. I'm shocked!!