lørdag 30. april 2011

Easter in Italy

Back from EasterHoliday in Italy. We had a great time. Neede the vacation badly after the stress with changing house.

We had to update my sons warderobe (poor boy, he had only heavy winter clothing and in Bari we had +26c)

so we bought a lot of kindergarden clothes at Chicco village close to Como.
Had to stop by Agrati junior in Como to say hello to the really kind lady working there. And they had opened up a new store downtown. Bought a Ralph Lauren Polo t-shirt (dark blue)
And of course Peter Pan to buy some shoes - Armani sandals to use at children garden (photo).

In my favorite children store (outside Milano) Pupi Stellari a Bari we bought a hat (by Armani) to match his jacket and a pair of sandals to wear on the beach by Dolce&Gabbana. We had them last Summer in blue and my son loved them. This year blue was sold out so this season he is wearing leopard print!!!

Stoped by Dev in Bari too and got a pair of new Hogans for my son. It seems that Hogans are made for him:)